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Beijing Psychologyical Aids Hotline is affiliated to Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center. Our hotline provides public services national wide twenty four hours in every day. All the qualified hotline operators have obtained the certificates of the BeijingPsychological Aids Hotline of Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center. We have built hotline system with full recording, data storage and qulity management functions.

Our hotline’s predecessor is Beijing Crisis Intervention Hotline, which was established in the December 2002. The hotline provides prior service to individuals who with depression, suicidal ideation, or other psychological crisis.

In December 2004, Joan Wright and Toni Paul,theDirectorand a member of the  Accreditation and Certification Department of the American Association of Suicidology respectively, and Brian Mishara, one of the Presidents of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, came to Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center. They assessed our hotline’s work and agreed that all the work ofthePsychological Crisis Intervention Hotline was in line with international standards, and in many ways exceeded the international level, especially in the field of hotline training and supervision.

The services the Beijing Psychology Hotline currently provides in Beijing are:

Mental health education;

Providing psychological support for callers who with psychological crisis;

Reducing suicide risk for high-risk callers;

Providing psychiatric and psychological related information;

Encouraging callers with mental disorders seek professional treatment and referring them to psychiatric and mental health institutions.

Beijing Psychological Aids Hotline:

TEL 800-810-1117                             FAX 010-62716497

MOBILE 010-82951332                      E-MAIL