Let Sun Shine walking activity 2019

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Under the support of National Health Committee (NHC), Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, in collaboration with Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center (BSRPC), WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Suicide Prevention (WHO CC) held the Let Sun Shine theme fitness walking activity on May 12th 2019. Over 80 people participated in this activity, including the vice commissioner of NHC, Mr. Shubin Zhang, WHO representative Dr. Li Gao, leaders from Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, mental health professionals, and multiple volunteers.

Over the years, the Party Central Committee, the State Council and NHC put high focus on the country’s citizens’ mental health status. In General Secretary Jinping Xi’s speech on the 2016 National Health Convention, Party Central Committee and State Council’s Healthy China 2030 Framework, and NHC along with 22 other departments’ Guidelines about reinforcing the mental health services, they all emphasized the importance of promoting the general public’s mental health status. As the single largest mental health oriented medical facility, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, along with BSRPC also known as WHO CC, has continued to carry out the responsibility and the duty of reinforcing the general public’s mental health. 

The theme of the fitness walking activity is Let Sun Shine. Its goal is to promote the awareness of the general public’s attention for mental health problems, prevent mental crisis, raise mental health status — to pass on the energy of positive mindset. Research shows staying active physically can help our bodies in maintaining its relatively healthy and active status. This kind of body status can help people in liberating themselves from negative moods. Plus, being active also contributes in shifting people’s focus, thus lessening the mental conflict. Let Sun Shine advices the general public to spend more time engaging in jogging, walking and using healthy lifestyle to eliminate mental conflicts, in order to achieve mental happiness. Last year’s Let Sun Shine activity gained the NHC’s support and very good feedback. 

At Beijing Huilongguan Hospital (BSRPC, WHO CC) we not just provide professional, state-of-the-art clinical services for mentally challenged individuals from Beijing and the whole country, we also provide dynamic mental health services via different platforms and channels for the general public. Currently we are the only organization in China that has a mental help hotline ready 24/7: 8008101117. For 17 years the hotline has helped more than 300 thousands individuals with effective mental counseling service, saving lives of suicidal high-risk callers. We have been dedicated in suicide prevention and intervention. With that in mind, we established a suicidal and relatives’ seminar for those that had hurt themselves in the past, and the relatives of the deceased that died from suicide. We provide mental intervention for those individuals and groups. We have successfully accomplished multiple post crisis mental rescue missions, including: Wenchuan Earthquake, Qinghai Yushu Earthquake, Zhouqu Mudflood, Kunshan Explosion, MH370 incident, Tianjin Port Explosion. We provided professional mental support for those that went through those crisis. 


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